Your majesty, a crown awaits...



GeoCrown wants to be the enabler that allows you to live the life you always dreamed of.

We started by focusing on our users, ensuring that there are easy ways to become a social media icon.

Whether you're looking to gain a massive social media following, grow a personal brand or monetize your audience, GeoCrown has created the tools you need to get there FAST!

Introducing "The Crown".

Crowns are available at each and every kingdom that you find on the app.

The user who has the photo with the most votes at a kingdom holds the crown.

In additional, crowns are also available weekly at sponsored kingdoms with the winner of the contest winning a crown in addition to a prize that a brand has sponsored.

The more crowns you hold, the more of GeoCrown you own.

Become an icon


Owning crowns means that you are highlighted on the app.

The more crowns you own, the more exposure you get.

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Be the first


We have millions of kingdoms waiting to be claimed!

Early-adopters are given an easy opportunity to get famous quickly!

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