Do a good deed, pass it on...

Do you have spare change?

In this day and age, nothing is more important than humanity.

At GeoCrown, we meet constantly on the topic of 'Ubuntu'.

" I am because we are ".

Ubuntu describes the world as a place in which the betterment of ourselves comes from our efforts to create better for those around us, and it's a notion that our business has been built upon.

We want everyone to find excessive benefit in their use of our platform, no matter which angle you're approaching it from.

We get asked about business cards constantly but we're not comfortable with the concept of the single-use nature of business cards, or that they end up being hidden in the back of wallets until thrown away.

We wanted to create something different and vowed to find a better use of business cards than what they currently represent.

A card that was laced with the spirit of ubuntu.

We're proud our response to the norm of business cards:

The Spare Change initiative.

Do a good deed, pass on the card.

Let's start a new viral sensation, where being good to one another becomes an active thought in people's mind.

Let's remind people that we love them and that the world a better place because of their presence.

Let's create change.

This card serves as your reminder to do good whilst you are in possession of it and provides a catalyst for positive change in a world that needs unity now more than ever.

Your good deed can be anything from helping someone with their groceries, going out of your way to assist someone in need or silently paying for someone's bill when they're not looking, with a Spare Change card being the only evidence of what has happened.

The opportunities to do good in the world are endless, let's make sure they are met with an army of our incredible people.

Let good deeds become your currency as you actively seek opportunities to change the world, one card at a time.

 Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu 

Take part in our challenges

30 Deed Challenge:

Change 30 lives by printing 30 of these cards and performing 30 good deeds in a month.

A Deed a Day Challenge:

Can you become part of the globe's top contributors by maintaining a daily deed-streak?

How many days can you do a good deed in a row?

Click here to download

Here's what you need to do

Download and Print


Download the Spare Change card template

by clicking on the icon above.

Print it as a normal business card at your favourite print shop

Perform a good deed for someone


Opportunities are all around us.

Go out there and do good for the others around you!

Pass them this card


You have now created a positive ripple in the lives of many.

Let's do that again!