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At GeoCrown, we have spent more than 2 years on concept design and product development. There's a lot more at play than just getting something out to the market and hoping it takes off.

We wanted to create something bigger.

Were we aiming to create an app? Initially, sure.

But after building it up and tearing it apart several times, we realised that there was something much larger here.

Redefining an industry? We could do that but what if we could create one?

Being disruptive has its perks, sure, but what if we could be inclusive, whilst creating something larger?

Something that alleviates poverty, increases businesses' offerings and provide everyone with the opportunity to change their lives IMMEDIATELY for the better?

Let us explain...

Between a brand and their kingdom lies a big, clean white canvas where opportunities exist beyond our imagination.

We don't want people to lose their jobs as a result of a disruptive technology, we want to create jobs.

Agencies can offer their clients a better solution to solving their marketing, PR and business problems.

Individuals can recruit, advise and guide businesses and brands towards success.

But how can we assist?

Well, we're starting with a referral code.

A code unlike any other referral code.

Any spend under your referral code earns you 10% of that spend.

Why is this a big deal?

Let us show you...

Say you're just starting out and spoke to a few businesses. Your referral code is being used by 10 brands which each operate as an activated kingdom for a month. It looks like this:

$99 x 10 x 4 x 10% = $396 per month

Not bad for your first month.

You take it a bit more seriously and speak to 50 clients, who each operate with 5 activated kingdoms for a month:

$99 x 50 x 4 x 5 x 10% = $9,900 per month


You take it one further and speak to a big franchise, operating 500 stores. Nice work!

$99 x 500 x 4 x 10% = $19,800 per month

The referral code applies to ANY spend, including bidding. We're just illustrating how a brand activation looks.

You can substitute the numbers as you feel fit, you can structure your business as you feel fit, the beauty of this is that the canvas is blank and we've just refilled your pen.

We aren't here to take over, we want you to do that.

Keep an eye on this space for future developments and registrations.

Your majesty, a crown awaits...

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