Let's talk about real marketing


What is wrong with my marketing?

Current forms of marketing are disruptive.

Nobody logs into social media to view your adverts exclusively.

Nobody appreciates how much you spent on that video that was only watched for 5 seconds.

That advert you put in the newspaper, it's in some parrot's cage.

It's not your fault, you are only doing the best with what you've been given.


We're just as frustrated as you are

We understand your frustrations.

Marketing is expensive, hard to understand and nobody can really tell you that it's actually working.

Is it effective?

You may see an increase in your sales but can you track your spending results?

You've read the definitions to all those crazy acronyms but how do you know if those numbers are good?


Does your spend reflect in actual client engagement?

Exposing your brand is more than spreading your name, it's about having potential clients actively engage with your brand.

What more, engaging with your brand isn't enough.
You want people to embrace your products and share their positive story with their social communities.

Does your current marketing spend create direct sales opportunities or do you rely on some type of miracle, out of your own hands, to convert your spend into profits?

Why GeoCrown is different

It's not disruptive


Instead of disrupting the process, we burnt the midnight oil in ensuring that we integrate brands into the user's process.

You are the reason people open the app, not the reason they close it. 

Engagement is key


We've concentrated on bringing our users and our brands together to actively engage.

We're not just talking digitally either.

We're bringing customers to your location to compete!

It's inexpensive


We don't judge your business by its size.

We're a one-size-fits-all type of solution.

We've based our pricing on a small brand budget without compromising on exceeding the expectations of  big brands.

Mass Exposure


When your brand is on Geocrown, you're exposed to the world.

We've made sure that your brand does not only stop on our platform either. 

When you're marketing through us, you're marketing everywhere else too.

You aren't just branding a Kingdom, you're branding every participant in your Showdown and their social medias.

Marketing that fits your brand


Whether you're looking to engage with new or existing customers at your physical location or you're looking to brand a lifestyle, event, activity or location, GeoCrown has covered all the bases.

We've made it easier for your brand.

Real data


No more misunderstanding fancy terms or looking at numbers that don't mean anything to your brand.

We've cut out all of the nonsense to tell you exactly what you want to know in a way that makes marketing easy.

Here are your options



These kingdoms represent geographical spaces such as towns or cities.

Looking to get the attention of the town you're in, create exposure in a new market or even test unfamiliar grounds?

GeoCrown allows you the complete, exclusive branding of a territory for a full week.

This is done through a bidding system, conducted weekly, so you always get your chance!

Bidding starts at $50.



Landmarks represent physical points of interest, globally.

From Times Square, The Eiffel Tower and Machu Picchu to the lookout point in your home town, we've got it covered!

Want to associate a famous landmark with your brand? Maybe you'd like to promote your brand in line with a certain lifestyle or activity?

Landmarks open up a host of opportunities for your brand to gather huge exposure and grow!

GeoCrown allows you the complete, exclusive branding of a territory for a full week.

This is done through a bidding system, conducted weekly, so you always get your chance!

Bidding starts at $50.


Brand activations

Our most powerful tool!

We could all do with more foot traffic. That's something that no current marketing model offers.

We've changed the game.

You can now activate your business location as a kingdom and watch the crowds roll in.

Your kingdom will be viewed on GeoCrown anywhere up to 250km's from your activated kingdom AND globally through our discover feature.

Best bit?

It will only cost you $99 a week.

Your majesty, your kingdom awaits...

How does it work?

Select your kingdom


Activate your business as a kingdom or win a bidded-for kingdom.

Set up your Showdown


Draw crowds to your kingdom to compete by sponsoring a prize and setting up a specific task in order to compete for the crown.

What do you want our users to take photos of?

Monitor your success


With the real-time metrics that you've always wanted, we help you to understand the success of your campaign and how to improve it.

Want to see how GeoCrown would work for your business?

Drop us a line!

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