GeoCrown is now live on iOS and Android!!!

Welcome to the kingdom

Your Majesty, we've been expecting you...


What is GeoCrown?

GeoCrown is a photography game that rewards you for your activity on the app.

Rapid exposure, fame and the potential to turn content into a full time job.

It's never been this easy...

You do what you've always done but you get what you've always deserved.

How does it work?

GeoCrown is filled with various kingdoms, ready to be conquered!

These kingdoms consist of:

- Territories: Suburbs and towns

- Landmarks: Points of interest

- Brands: Businesses locations


How do I conquer a GeoCrown Kingdom?

 It's simple.

Your kingdom can be claimed by way of vote.

You upload a photo to the kingdom and the people decide whose photo is best by voting.

The photo with the most votes at the end of the week will claim the crown!

Crowns are cool, but what's the big deal?


I'm glad we could ask that question on your behalf...

Crowns determine your ranking within GeoCrown.

The more crowns you own, the bigger your exposure.

Become an influencer, earn money,  launch a brand, achieve large-scale exposure.

The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Whatever your goal, GeoCrown makes it happen through their unique exposure model. 

How does GeoCrown help my business?


Welcome to the <Insert your Brand name here> Showdown

Brands can opt to either activate their business location as a GeoCrown Kingdom or brand our active Territories and Landmarks.

This means that your brand becomes a place of contest for our users, your current or prospective customers...

This is where it gets exciting, so make sure you have your inhaler nearby.

When a brand sponsors a kingdom, they set a task that must be performed in the photo as well as provide a prize to the person that claims the crown at the end of the competition week.

Allow our users to celebrate your brand, embrace your products and share your brand globally through their social networks by rewarding them for their activity.

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